ICLR Annual Conference: Day 4: 1 October 2021

Day 4: 1 October

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Who Is Training the Community Based Lawyer of the Future?- (CDT 06:00-07:00 / BST 12:00-13:00 / KST 21:00-22:00)

Session description:

This session will examine the training of future lawyers and explore the question as to how regulators can ensure that high sufficient high quality and competent lawyers are trained who will serve the diverse and varied needs of communities. Topics that will be considered include:

  • Do we need to be lawyers in the first place- the Utah Sandbox experience?
  • Capital City Centric training and its impact on the profession and delivery of legal services.
  • Are we failing the family lawyer of the future?

Mark Woods, Tyler Tipping and Woods
Kimitoshi Yabuki, President, Tokyo Bar Association

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Does Fortune Favor the Bold? Deconstructing Legal Innovation Approaches and Finding a Path Forward- (CDT 08:00-09:15 / BST 14:00-15:15 / KST 22:00-23:15)

Session description: 

This session will take a theoretical, “big picture” look at Legal Innovation going forward. Taking attendees beyond the definitions and descriptions outlined in the Sparks Sessions, this session will utilize what was learned in those Sparks Sessions to compare and contrast various Legal Innovation programs and explore whether Legal Innovation is actually working. This will be a deeper dive into what it is about these various programs (ALPs, SandBoxes, etc) that is and is not working. While some jurisdictions are ahead of the rest in implementing (and even ending) alternative approaches, others are launching “exploratory” phases, and still others are not there yet at all. Should everyone be embracing some form of Innovation? Why or why not? If possible, the moderator/speaker will tie-in themes addressed throughout the ICLR seminar: broadening access to the legal profession, how does technology play a role, is innovation just a “Covid” thing that will pass, how does innovation change the fundamentals of what we do as regulators and are there truly competency and educational pitfalls?

Paul Philip, Chief Executive Officer, Solicitors Regulation Authority
Cord Brügmann, Former CEO, German Bar
Jordan Furlong, Principal, Law21
Paula Hannaford-Agor, Project Director, NCSC Civil Justice Initiative, National Center for State Courts
Alison Hook, Director of Trade and Regulatory Affairs, Hook Tangaza


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