ICLR Annual Conference: Day 2: 27 October 2020

Day 2: 27 October

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The final pandemic track breakout entitled: Education, Testing & Admissions: What Covid 19 has Taught Us, has been organised as a morning session for those in EMEA, and an evening session for those in APAC. (CDT 06:00-07:00 / GMT 11:00-12:00 / KST 20:00-21:00)

Session description:

The COVID 19 pandemic has created significant challenges for regulators around the world. Law schools have cancelled classes or moved to remote instruction. In many jurisdictions, the shutdown caused by the pandemic also led to the cancellation of bar admission programs and bar exams. This breakout session will look at how regulators have responded to those challenges and how they can adapt moving forward in a way that meets the needs of the profession and those seeking entry into the profession during Covid.

Moderator –  Judith Gundersen, President and CEO, National Conference of Bar Examiners (United States)
Dr. Marium Jabyn, Secretary General, Bar Council of the Maldives (Maldives)
Marilyn Wellington, ESQ, Executive Director, Board of Bar Examiners (United States)
Deborah Wolfe, P.Eng., Executive Director, National Committee on Accreditation and Law School Programs (Canada)

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The breakout will be followed slightly later in the day by our second plenary, focused on diversity and wellbeing. This will be entitled: Bullying & Sexual Harassment in Law: How Should Regulators Respond? (CDT 08:00-09:00 / GMT 13:00-14:00 / KST 22:00-23:00)

Session description:

The #MeToo movement has swept all sectors, including law. In 2019, the International Bar Association (IBA) published a major report, highlighting pervasive bullying and sexual harassment within the legal profession. These and other developments have prompted regulators across the world to reassess their role in preventing and responding to incidents. Some have commenced disciplinary proceedings against offending lawyers, others have created informal reporting models to encourage targets to speak up. This session will bring together various stakeholders to discuss why and how regulators of the legal profession can seek to address bullying and sexual harassment in law. It will also see the launch of a follow-up report of the IBA, based on a survey of regulators globally, focused on emerging regulatory trends and possible future initiatives …

Key Takeaways:

An understanding of how different regulators globally conceptualise their role in promoting positive behaviour within the profession and addressing bullying and sexual harassment;
An update on recent regulatory initiatives in this space – disciplinary proceedings, research projects, innovative use of existing powers, revisions to rules and regulations etc;
A summary of the IBA’s research, which has surveyed regulators on this topic and produced a ‘food for thought’ guide; and
An opportunity to discuss this emerging, topical issue with peers and experts.

Kieran Pender – Senior Legal Advisor, International Bar Association (United Kingdom)
Gail L. Gatchalian QC – Partner, Pink Larkin (Canada)
Fiona McLeay – Victorian Legal Services Commissioner (Canada)
Juliet Oliver – General Counsel, Solicitors Regulation Authority (United Kingdom)
Gregory Vijayendran SC – President, Law Society of Singapore and Partner, Rajah & Tann (Singapore)

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This will be followed by the Americas/EMEA breakout, entitled: Attorney Well-Being – Are you sure this is any of my business? (CDT 11:00-12:00 / GMT 16:00-17:00 / KST 01:00-02:00)

Session description:

This session will discuss the physical and mental health challenges faced by the legal profession, why such issues are important for regulators to be aware of and to address, and how regulators can effectively deal with attorney well-being challenges.

Bree Buchanan, JD, MSF; Senior Advisor, Krill Strategies (United States)
Terry L. Harrell, JD, LCSW, LCAC, MAC, Executive Director, Indiana Judges and Lawyers Assistance Program (United States)
Elizabeth Rimmer, CEO Lawcare (United Kingdom)

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The day will close off with the APAC/Americas breakout on: Addressing Racial Inequity and Wellness Issues Caused by Racial Trauma: The Regulators Role.(CDT 21:00-22:00 / GMT 02:00-03:00 / KST 11:00-12:00)

Session description:

Racial unrest is not new to the United States. However, in recent months nationwide protests have erupted in response to the killings of multiple unarmed Black Americans by law enforcement and others, including George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery, and Jacob Blake. These protests have garnered immense attention in the national spotlight and have sparked deeper conversations around permeating racial injustice. Since discrimination, marginalization, and injustice can affect an individual’s physical and mental health, recent events have also sparked deeper conversations about racial trauma and wellness. Due to the issues of racism and discrimination being familiar and long ignored in almost every society, the movement has also gained widespread international support. What does this mean for lawyers? Lawyers are agents of social justice who are supposed to represent fairness and equality in all that we do. Therefore, the recent racial unrest has given the legal community an opportunity to reflect on the impact of its diversity programs and its responsibility to ensuring racial equality. As attorney regulators, the responsibility for combating social inequity and racism, and addressing resulting wellness issues, cannot be understated.

This session will explore:

The current social justice movements in the United States and abroad
Trauma (negative physical and mental health impact) caused by experiences of exclusion, marginalization, discrimination, systemic oppression, harassment, and violence
Opportunities for attorney regulators to think differently about their role in the legal system and in combating racial injustice
How social justice approaches can inform our wellness efforts

Lea Gutierrez, Director of Diversity & Inclusion, ARDC (United States)
Jerry Larkin – Administrator, Attorney Registration and Disciplinary Commission (United States)

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