ICLR 2017 Panel: A New Look at Regulators’ Roles and Responsibilities

This session will break conference participants into small discussion groups in which they will consider various issues relating to the evolving roles and responsibilities of new and mature legal regulators.  Participants are asked to do preparation for this session by reading the short briefings prepared by the group facilitators relating to the topic they are considering.

Facilitators will guide discussion with a view to producing 3-5 recommendations which will then be shared with the whole conference group.

The topics to be discussed will include:

  • Setting up a new regulator – where to start? Read briefing
  • The appropriate role for a regulator – How to avoid mission creep and when to accept it? Should, for example, a legal regulator be responsible for promoting access to justice and public legal awareness? Read briefing
  • Separating out regulatory and representational work – Where do the boundaries lie?  Read briefing
  • Changing regulatory structures: How to re-engineer existing regulatory structures into a new system? (awaiting briefing)
  • Managing the interface with other regulators – Whether it is lawyers who provide financial services in a form that needs to be regulated, or co-regulators for those who permit MDPs?  Read briefing
  • Designing the profession of tomorrow – Managing CPD – what does success look like?  Read briefing
  • How to manage exit from the profession? In some jurisdictions demographics point to a rapidly ageing profession with concomitant problems of inability or unwillingness to leave practice, the onset of dementia etc.  Read briefing

Choose your discussion group

In advance of the conference, select the discussion group you would like to join here.  There are only 15 spaces in each group and places will be allocated on a ‘first-come-first-served’ basis.

Discussion Group Facilitators

  • Alison Hook – International Adviser, Solicitors Regulation Authority (Lead)
  • Roscoe Banks – Legal Director, Qatar Financial Centre and Nasser Al Taweel – Chief Legal Officer, Qatar Financial Centre
  • Motlatsi Molefe – CEO, Attorneys Fidelity Fund, South Africa
  • Russell Daily – Executive Director of Complaints & Intervention, Victorian Legal Services Board
  • Lorna Jack, Chief Executive, Law Society of Scotland
  • Isaac Okero, President, Law Society of Kenya
  • Christine Grice, Executive Director, Law Society of New Zealand
  • Vanessa Davies, Executive Director, Bar Standards Board
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