ICLR 2019: Day 1

The materials from Day One, ICLR 2019, Edinburgh

SESSION ONE: Introduction to ICLR 2019

09:20 Opening Keynote
Ash Denham MSP, Minister for Community Safety, Scottish Government

09:35 Plenary panel: Changing nature of regulation in tech-led world: future challenges and opportunities
Moderator: David Lee
Anna Bradley, Chair, Solicitors Regulation Authority
Professor Emilios Avgouleas, Professor of International Banking Law and
Finance, University of Edinburgh
Kara Cauter, EMEIA, Capital Markets Advisory Partner, EY (tbc)

10:30 Live Stream Panel discussion with TechLaw Fest, Singapore
Moderator: David Lee
Anna Bradley, Chair, Solicitors Regulation Authority
Professor Emilios Avgouleas, Professor of International Banking Law and
Finance, University of Edinburgh
Associate Professor Chen Siyuan, SMU School of Law
Mr Damian Ling, Deputy Chief Fintech Officer, MAS

SESSION TWO: Assuring competence
What are the indicators that the consumers of legal services can use to distinguish the
good lawyer from the ineffective lawyer? What steps can a regulator reasonably take to
distinguish the ineffective lawyer before harm is done?

11:25 Workshop A1: Consumers and clients in the modern age
Moderator: Jerry Larkin, Attorney Registration & Disciplinary Commission, Illinois
Kerrie-Anne Millard, Legal Services Board & Commissioner, Victoria
Steve Brooker, Legal Services Board, England and Wales
Carol Brennan, past Chair, Scottish Legal Complaints Commission Consumer Panel

11:25 Workshop A2: Models of legal regulation
Hosted by Law Society of Scotland
Moderator: David Lee
Professor Stephen Mayson, leading Independent Review of Legal Services Regulation
Stephan Göcken, Executive Director, German Federal Bar
Frederica Wilson, Executive Director & Deputy CEO, Federation of Law Societies of Canada

12:20 Workshop B1: Building trust through transparency – why, what and how?

Moderator: Jane Malcolm, Director of External and Corporate Affairs, Solicitors Regulation Authority
Catriona Watt, Association of Regulatory & Disciplinary Lawyers;
Mary Ollivier, Director, Regulatory, New Zealand Law Society
Niels Hupkes, Manager Policy & Regulation, The Netherlands Bar

12:20 Workshop B2: Regulating in uncomfortable spaces
Moderator: Victoria Rees, Director, Professional Responsibility, Nova Scotia Barristers Society;
Ellyn Rosen, American Bar Association, Regulation and Global Initiatives Counsel;
Iain Miller, Partner, Kingsley Napley LLP and Chair of Association of Regulatory and Disciplinary Lawyers;
Rebecca Magorokosho-Musimwa, Regulatory Services Manager, Law Society of Zimbabwe

SESSION THREE: Changing nature of the profession
The nature of the profession is changing. Deeper thought and consideration is being
given to issues around equality & diversity; emerging white collar crime; enhanced cooperation cross border/jurisdiction; and the importance of wellbeing. Regulators are
increasingly determining part of their role to be advocates for that change. This session
will address some of these broadening areas and ask what good regulation looks like,
and what levers regulators have to affect change in a positive way?

14:05 Workshop C1: Sexual harassment in legal profession – a regulatory issue

: Fiona McLeay, Legal Services Commissioner and CEO, Victorian Legal Services Board
Sara Carnegie, Director, Legal Projects, International Bar Association
Zelda Perkins, Campaigner and formerly Weinstein Company

14:05 Workshop C2: Extra curricular lawyers – where do the boundaries of regulation lie?
Moderator: Sara Jagger, Director of Professional Conduct, Bar Standards Board
Alvin Chen Yi Jing, Director, Legal Research and Development, Law Society of Singapore
Prof Laurel S. Terry, The Pennsylvania State University
Juliet Oliver, General Counsel, Solicitors Regulation Authority

15:00 Workshop D1: Combating Financial Crime
Moderator: Ian Messer, Director of Financial Compliance, Law Society of Scotland;
Sarah Wheeler, Manager, OPBAS, Financial Crime Advisory and Transformation; Cathy McKay, Law Society of Northern Ireland; Motlatsi Molefe, Attorneys Fidelity Fund, South Africa

15:00 Workshop D2: Wellbeing and good mental health in legal profession
Hosted by Law Society of Scotland
Moderator: David Lee
Stephanie Spiers, Federation of Law Societies of Canada
Peter Lawson, Chair, Burness Paull
Ciara Murphy, Chief Executive, The Bar of Ireland

Link to Law Society of British Columbia Mental Health Taskforce Report

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