ICLR 2019: Day 2

The materials from Day Two, ICLR 2019, Edinburgh

SESSION ONE: Rethinking legal regulation for the age of technology

09:30 Plenary panel: A compass for change?
Moderator: David Lee
Prof Alan Paterson, Professor of Law, University of Strathclyde
Paul Philip, Chief Executive, SRA
Judith Gundersen, President, National Conference of Bar Examiners
Dr Heike Lörcher, Head of International Relations, German Federal Bar

10:20 Workshop A1: Encouraging innovation in legal services provisions via tech
Moderator: Joan Janssen, Director of Legal Services, Ministry of Law, Singapore
Sarah Sutherland, Director Programmes and Partnerships, CanLII
Ivan Mokanov, President, Lexum;
John McKinlay, Convenor Technology Law and Practice Committee, Law Society of Scotland

10:20 Workshop A2: HELP!! – Bringing Regulatory Reform of Legal Services Delivery to the New World
Moderator: Jayne Reardon, Executive Director Illinois Supreme Court Commission on Professionalism.
Art Lachman, co-chair, Association of Professional Responsibility Lawyers’ Future of Lawyering Committee and attorney in Washington;
Bridget Gramme, Administrative Director, Center for Public Interest Law, University of San Diego School of Law;
John Lund, co-chair Utah Supreme Court and Utah State Bar Work Group on Regulatory Reform

US Regulatory reform links

SESSION TWO: Immediate and future challenges for legal regulators

11:30 Workshop B1: Foreign Legal Consultants, Mutual Recognition Agreements, Memorandums of Understanding – The Alphabet Soup of Foreign Relations for Regulators?
Moderator: Patricia Schwartz, Office of Disciplinary Counsel, Supreme Court of State of Delaware
Alison Hook, Consultant
David Levy, Avocat
Mary Mugure, Council of Legal Education/ Kenya Law Society

11:30 Workshop B2: Ethics, standards and navigating change
Moderator: Philip Yelland, Exec Director of Regulation, Law Society of Scotland
John Elliot, Director of Regulation and Registrar of Solicitors, Law Society of Ireland
Melinda Bentley, Legal Ethics Counsel, Advisory Committee of the Supreme Court of Missouri
Malcolm Mercer, Partner, McCarthy Tetrault

12:25 Workshop C1: Staffing the law firm and regulator of the future
Moderator: Jenny Mittleman, Deputy General Counsel, State Bar of Georgia
Angela Latta, Regulatory Policy Principal, Legal Services Board
Chris Harte, Chief Executive, Morton Fraser
Rob Marrs, Head of Education, Law Society of Scotland

12:25 Workshop C2: Role of Regulators in promoting access to justice
Moderator: Gordon Jackson QC, Dean of Faculty of Advocates
Brenda Grimes QC, Executive Director, Law Society of Newfoundland & Labrador
Janet Welch, Exec Dir, State Bar of Michigan

SESSION THREE: Best practice for interventions and conduct

14:00 Workshop D1: Measuring success in supervision and alternatives to discipline
Moderator: David Lee
Johan Rijlaarsdam, President, The Netherlands Bar
Patrick Dillen, Secretary General, Federation of European Bars
Victoria Rees, Director, Professional Responsibility, Nova Scotia Barristers’ Society

14:00 Workshop D2: Consumer interest in regulation
Hosted by Law Society of Scotland
Moderator: Michael P. Clancy OBE, Director of Law Reform, Law Society of Scotland
Sheila Kumar, Chief Executive, CLC
Anne Hastie, Non Solicitor Member Law Society of Scotland Complaints & Oversight Committee
Rebecca Marsh, Chief Ombudsman, Legal Ombudsman

14:55 Workshop E1: Good complaints models
Moderator: David Lee
Neil Stevenson, Chief Executive, Scottish Legal Complaints Commission
Cori Ghitter, Director, Professionalism and Policy, Law Society of Alberta
Paule Armeneau QC, Director of Regulation and General Counsel, Law Society of Alberta

14:55 Workshop E2: Open space session: review of code of conduct
Moderator: Dr Vanessa Davies, Director General, Bar Standards Board

SESSION FOUR: Geo politics, societal changes and fractured democracy – what next for regulators and lawyers?

16:00 Closing keynote
Jolyon Maugham QC, Devereux Chambers and Good Law Project

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